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today my neighbor came over and told me “please stop playing SNSD music really loudly at 4 in the morning. next time i’ll have to call the cops.”

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Things I learnt from Kpop (+ CPOP OK R00D)
  • Things I learnt from Shinhwa : Age is just the number. Being old doesn't mean we must stop doing what we like the most
  • Things I learnt from DBSK : No matter how many problems keep coming, be strong and keep smiling. Always keep the faith
  • Things I learnt from Super Junior : As friends, we must protect each other. keep completing others weaknesses. No matter how powerful we are, be humble and always remember where we are originally from.
  • Things I learnt from 2PM : Everybody will make at least one mistake in their life. Mistake is the way we learn about life.
  • Things I learnt from Beast : Being a second choice is not what we must shame about. Prove to everyone that we can surprised them without they knowing.
  • Things I learnt from Big Bang : Be the trendsetter, we are unique. Just don't giving a damn about others judgement.
  • Things I learnt from F(X) : Even though we look like an underrated, ignore them. Show our real power to those who keep stepping us.
  • Things I learnt from 2NE1 : Cute is so two thousand late. be a badass and kick those man who keep hurting us, woman.
  • Things I learnt from Infinite : Practice makes perfect. No one was born with the ability to synchronize with everything.
  • Things I learnt from Shinee : An older sibling must alway protect the younger one
  • Things I learnt from Jessica : I will never be as perfect as that angel
  • Things I learnt from SNSD : No matter how dark times may seem, no matter how hopeless life may be, keep trying. Happiness will eventually come my way.
  • Things I learnt from EXO: WE HAVE FOUR CHINESE MEMBERS

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"Your logic is like shit, don’t let it show that you’re uneducated."

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